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"B0 H0" non electrician preparation training

Habilitation Electrique B0 H0 H0v

Being accreditated to perform non-electrical works in places with access restricted to electricians in simple vicinity area (building site workers, commercial agents, masons, etc)
1 day
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Aix-en-Provence-Bordeaux-Lyon-Paris-In your premises

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At the end of the session, the trainee will be able:

  • To state the accident risks when working in simple vicinity of electrical high and low voltage installations,
  • To transpose the rules exposed dito in the context of his/her activity,
  • To apply the safety prescriptions of the NF C18-510 standard when operating non electrical duties on electrical works and to adopt a behaviour relevant in case of electricity-related accident,

Depending on the obtained results, this training will give the employer the possibility to accreditate him/her with full knowledge. Target accreditation grades: B0, H0(V)


Persons who will carry on non electrical duties in places with reserved access to electricians in simple vicinity area (project coordinator, moving machine operator, mechanic, mason, etc.)


By trainers whose skills are proven and who possess a 10 years experience at least in the field.


  • Exploration of the course material provided to each trainee,
  • Implementation of appropriate INRS audiovisual means adapted to the matters covered,
  • Interactive method based on texperimented situations,
  • Practice workss carried out by each trainee,
  • Knowledge test.


Vidéo projector + PC + INRS ilms and Diaxens multimedia softwares

Presented safety material: UV face shield, electrician gloves, VAT voltage tester, padlocks, locking system

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