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"B1 B2 BR BC BE" electrician refresher training

Electrical Accreditation for Electricians


Being accreditated to perform low voltage electrical works and interventions (electrician grade) in places restricted to electricians or near living bright parts. Condition: being accreditated for less than 3 years.

2 days
Training rate: 

INTER: from 725.50€

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Training places: 

Aix-en-Provence-Paris-In your premises                       

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Training content: 
  • Updating the accreditated staff knowledge and defining the extent of the authorized duties and fields,
  • Updating the accreditations according to the low voltage post and associated duties,
  • Implementing the new NFC 18-510 standard while operating on low voltage electrical works, electronic devices,
  • Adopting a relevant behaviour in case of elecricity-related accident,
  • Adapting these prescriptions to the fields and situations specific to his/her company.

Depending on the obtained results, this training will give the employer the possibility to refresh his/her accreditation with full knowledge. Target accreditation grades: H0(V), B1, B1V, B2, B2V, BC, BR, BE Test, BE Measurement, BE Check.



Persons who will perform low voltage electrical (electrician grade) works or interventions in places with restricted access to electricians or near living bright parts and being accreditated for less than 3 years.



By trainers whose skills are proven and who possess a 10 years experience at least in the field.





  • Exploration of the course material provided to each trainee,
  • Implementation of appropriate INRS audiovisual means adapted to the matters covered,
  • Interactive method based on texperimented situations,
  • Practice works carried out by each trainee,
  • Knowledge test.



(on Acfitec material or on installations specific to his/her company)

  • Handlings, assembly/re-assembly of elecromechanic materials, such as circuit breakers, isolating switches, differentials, etc.
  • Handlings, controls, tests of NF approved personal protective equipments, such as UV face shields, electrician gloves, VAT voltage testers, etc
  • Implementation of lock-out procedures on training disk electric boards and/or the company installations



Vidéo projector + PC + INRS films and Diaxens multimedia softwares

Presented safety material: UV face shield, electrician gloves, VAT voltage tester, padlocks, locking system

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