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Refresher training for low voltage electrical audience trainers - AIX EN PROVENCE

Training for Electrical Accreditation Trainers, Aix en Provence


The trainer thus trained will be able to autonomously provide electrical accreditation trainings for the following grades: BP / BE / BS / B1 / B2 / BR / BC / H0 (dependig on the obtained results).

3 days

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Training places: 
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Training content: 

At the end of the training, the trainee (trainer) will be able:

  • to refresh his/her knowldege about:
  • the accident risks while operating on or ear te electrical power,
  • the safety rules (UTE NFC18-510 prescription) to be respected during operations or works on electrically powered equipments and/or materials,
  • the identification, the check and the implementation of collective and individual protection equipments toward te electrical risk (in low voltage)
  • the conduct to be respected in case of electricit-related accident
  • to transpose the new procedures laid downin the NFC 18-510 standard applicable from 1 July 2011
  • to refresh his/her training sessions, with the help of the INRS CNAM UTE documents.


Profile of the trainee, he/she will have:

  • An experience in conducting electrical accreditation trainings (to be justified by administrative documents as an attendance sheet, training assessments, etc.),
  • A valid electrical accreditation, minimum B2 - BC - H0 grades.
  • A basic knowledge of the residential and tertiary electricity (to obtain the grade BS)
  • A knowledge of the safety-related electrotechnical rules, preferabl with qualifications in the electrical field (as: French BEP, French Baccalauréat, French BTS or equivalent educations)
  • A knowledge of the regulation context of the electrical risk prevention (without necessari being an expert in the field).
  • The ability to address an audience.


Duration of the training action for the trainer:

The training lasts 3 days:

  • Educational face to face between our trainer and the future trainer(s)
  • Synthesis and evaluation of the trainer(s),perspective, balance with the hierarchy.


Success conditions

Our service includes:

  • The training by our trainer (3 days)
  • The providing of videos and supports used during the practice exercises


Detailed program

On demand. Thanks for your understanding.

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