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Electrical accreditation news

New!!! Electrical accreditation trainings can be provided in English, Italian and Spanish language.
Enjoy summer and obtain an Electrical Accreditation!
NEW! We are pleased to announce that ACFITEC will provide an additional INTER PARIS session(*) in August
The security file published in L'USINE NOUVELLE, October 2010, tells us that "for 5 years, the number of actions for inexcusable conduct from the employer in terms of safety and occupational health has multiplied by one thousand" and that the penalties are extremely severe. The matter consists in determining when the employer has had an inexcusable conduct?
The Centre provides Electrical Accreditation trainings of all grades: H0-B0, H0V, BE Maneuver, BS, BP, B1, B2, BR, BC and HE Maneuver, H1, H2, HC as well as any specific electrical accreditations.

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