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The electrical accreditation, its definitions

By operation, one should understand "either an activity directly performed on the works or installations, or in an electrical environment. It can be of two types : electricity-related or not" (NFC 18 510, 3.4.2)

By electicity-related operation, one should understand "an operation concerning, for a work or installation in an electrical plant, the active parts, their insulators, the earth continuity and other material conductive parts (magnetic circuits, etc) as well as protective conductors" (NFC 18 510, 3.4.3)

It can be of work, intervention or specific operation type.

By work, one should understand an operation consisting in realizing, modifying or maintaining an electrical work or installation.

"an intervention is a simple electricity-related operation of the low voltage or very low voltage field, of short duration, performed on an electrical material or on a small part of an installation or even on the extensions of the transport works or power distribution" (NFC18 510, 10.1)

By non-electricity-related operations, one should understand an "operation that does not match the definition of an electricity-related operation, such as:

- the one related to the building, the realization, the dismantlement or the maintainance in the neighbourhood or on an electrical work or installation, such as the building and construction, cleaning, weeding works etc...

- the one related to an operation that does not directly concern an electrical work or installation, but performed in this work or installation environment such as the building and construction works, the delivery, moving activities, etc.." (NFC18 510, 3.4.9)

By installation or work, one should understand "a set of electrical materials implemented for the production, conversion, distribution or use of the electrical power. The word "work" is exclusively used for the public transport networks and the power distribution network and their extensions. The word "installation" applies to any electrical installation, excluding the works" (NFC18 510, 3.2.1)

By electrical material, one should understand a "material used for producing, transforming, distributing or using the electrical power, such as machine, transformer, electrical equipment, protective device, electrical duct, use materials" (NFC18 510, 3.2.2)

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